Coast to Coast: Return Trip, The Final Stretch

We continued to Oklahoma City and checked in at our planned stop. It was a convention center. I knew unloading would be painful as soon as the receptionist gave me a map to the parking area. UGH! There was only one luggage cart. Thankfully, we were able to walk all the way back to the front desk, take the cart all the way back to the car, and then get to work. There was just one elevator for the whole place. It wasn’t busy, but it was far from the only ramp in the parking lot. It had me wondering why the accessible rooms are so far from the conference center… or why the parking spot is so far from the accessible rooms… Oh well, not my problem. Continue reading

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Coast to Coast: Return Trip, Pt 2

We hit the road very late after loading the cats and Mom’s effects, perhaps 2pm. So, we didn’t aim to get very far, just out of the area and into our first hotel at a decent time. We took at different route home than originally planned. The car’s engine problem, our one day delay, and reports of inclement weather (and visible slow-downs on I-80 in Google Maps) had me rethinking how much I wanted to risk being in the cold if I have further troubles. The potential for trouble had me thinking that I wanted to stay on the Interstates since services are more plentiful there. We had silly goals to “check-off” some of the middle states and to visit a few attractions. BUT, given what my brother saw in the Sequoias (snow and ice), there was a good chance that the Bonneville Salt Flats and Pike’s Peak would be inaccessible to my GTI and trailer, anyway. I had already canceled all of our hotel reservations along the previous return route when we were delayed a day. So, different hotel stays were in order. Plus, I wanted shorter travel days due to our fatigue. I removed NV, UT, WY, CO, and NE from our plan and decided to return along I-40. Continue reading

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Coast to Coast: Return Trip, Relearning to Pack

Our first order of business in the morning was to assemble the kennels and then repack the car without using any of the interior cargo space that we previously had. The three kennels took up everything but the floor behind the front seats. We bought shipping boxes and packing tape to temporarily hold some of the cargo while we figured out what to do with it. We quickly found ourselves out of time with the hotel and just put everything in the parking lot so that we could work there and figure out a new place for everything. This isn’t even all of it. Continue reading

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Coast to Coast: Dealer Visit and Memorial Service

I drove to the dealer to get a set of ignition coils, commonly referred to as “coil packs,” while the rest of the family went to Sequoia National Park. They were not in stock. So, I ordered them for pick-up the following day. I returned to the hotel and edited photos until it was time to get ready for Mom’s memorial service. When the others returned from the Sequoias, they told me that they didn’t make it to any of the attractions that I had been targeting. There was a lot of snow and ice at elevation. The park does not clear the roads of snow. Even better, snow chains were required beyond a certain point and the road was impassible in a 2WD car without them. There’s no way I was renting chains to chain-up my GTI! I felt a TINY bit better in knowing that I didn’t drive all the way out there to be disappointed. The others still had a good visit, saw ONE Sequoia, and played in the snow, something that doesn’t appeal to me. Continue reading

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Coast to Coast: Outbound Trip, Pt 2

We got settled in our hotel room in Alamogordo, NM plenty late and planned to shoot at White Sands the following morning. Getting sunrise or “golden hour” shots would’ve been great. But the park didn’t open until 7am, or after both of those events. It takes about 45 minutes to load the car and trailer each morning. Not wanting to delay our arrival at White Sands, we left without packing the car and visited to a car wash so that the photos would be pretty. 🙂 Then, it was off to the park. After shooting photos, we went back to the room, packed the car, and hit the road to head west. Of course, we had to stop at a Starbucks to get a New Mexico “Been There” mug. 😉 Continue reading

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Coast to Coast: Outbound Trip, Pt 1

Day 1 took us to Morrisville, TN. I wanted a short day so that we could practice the load and unload of the trailer, basically getting our act together for the longer haul. I lucked out and found a nice long parking spot for the night. Reloading in the morning took about 45 minutes. From there, we went to a car wash. To my wife, I was just being prissy about my beloved GTI. The truth was that I was sneaking her onto the Tail of the Dragon (TOTD), where I knew the car would be photographed. She had balked at riding on the TOTD in the past because she was certain that it’s a dangerous road that would make her sick. I took a risk and was on the Dragon before she could protest. HAHA! Her experience was good. Continue reading

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Coast to Coast: The Plan

My brother (from central Texas) and I recently visited my mother in central California for what we were certain would be our last chance to see her alive. She was 72 and had suffered from a rare neurological disorder for about seven years. Sure enough, she died two days after we left CA. We quickly made a plan to return for her memorial service. He and his wife would fly from Texas, but I made a plan to drive so that I could retrieve her cremains and some personal effects. My wife would join me. Continue reading

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Baun Performance Cat-Back Exhaust

If you’ve followed my site for a while, then you may know that I had almost no interest in upgrading my exhaust. I had even added a resonator to suppress the extra drone that resulted when I upgraded to an APR down pipe. Why the change of heart? Why mess with a good recipe for sound control on my car? When I added the resonator, the installer had to add some 3-inch pipe and a reducer to adapt it to the factory 2.75-inch pipe. His work was not as pretty as I had hoped, but the welds were someplace that almost no one would see. Then a sharp-eyed YouTube viewer noticed a leak at that new weld. That’s when my mind’s wheels began to turn… Continue reading

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Scorpion SA-680 Black Widow 10-80m Antenna

I’ve been a licensed ham radio operator since 1995. I had a long weekend commute from 2006-2009. So, surfing the HF bands was a great way to help the drive pass. I was using a Yaesu ATAS-120A. Performance-wise, it can be described as “adequate,” but  not great. With my Yaesu FT-857D, tuning the ATAS was as simple as pressing a “TUNE” button… or what could be called an “EASY” button.  😉  I made some distant contacts with that antenna, even toward the bottom of the solar cycle. I took a break from HF when I was stationed closer to home; my interest in ham radio comes and goes. Eventually, I decided I wanted a better antenna. Some say the Scorpion SA-680 is the best mobile HF antenna money can buy. I decided to find out. Continue reading

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Replacing the Manual Transmission Oil

I had a Mk3 Jetta TDI for 445,000 miles. I practiced 100,000-mile manual transmission drains, with the exception of one shorter interval during a differential upgrade. I decided to use the same drain interval on my GTI. Volkswagen does not specify a drain interval for the manual transmission. Regardless, there was no way I was going to just leave the “lifetime oil” in the car. I drained the oil at 101,000 miles and sent it for analysis. The results seemed average, with the exception of copper and iron content being a little high, but still healthy. Given the time and cost of the oil change, I think I will drain every 50,000 miles instead. Here are some notes that I will share about my manual transmission oil change: Continue reading

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I’ve Been Neglectful…

I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post! One reason is because I had started a weight loss program. While it did not involve locking me up and taking away my computer, I endeavored to produce weekly or bi-weekly updates regarding my process on my bicycling YouTube channel. If you’re curious, I lost 58 lbs! See a video here. Around the same time, I was also striving to produce weekly videos for my StealthGTI YouTube channel. That kind of throughput was very time-consuming. I made my weight goal early in March, but I think we all know what else happened by March. Stay-at-home orders SHOULD have allowed me to spend more time writing for my blog. Instead, I spent much of my time either consuming or producing YouTube content. Now it’s time to play catch-up on my website! Continue reading

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100,000 Miles!

The 100,000-mile mark is a significant milestone for many car owners. I’m almost uncertain why that’s still true today. Even though the cars I grew up driving didn’t even have an odometer that counted past 99,999 miles, the majority of modern cars are capable of lasting far past that, especially with good care. Could it be that most of today’s car owners are too fickle to keep a car for long before moving on to something else? I’ve never had that problem. I kept my first new car, a 1988 Sentra, for eleven years and 120,000 miles. I could have kept it much longer, but it was a boring and gutless base model, which is why I’ve endeavored to make subsequent cars more interesting. I kept my 1998 Jetta TDI for 20 years and 445,000 miles. I loved that car, but it succumbed to hidden life-ending rust in key structural areas, a common problem with Mk3s. That was a blessing because I might not be in a GTI today if my Mk3 had endured. Continue reading

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More Changes to Ham Radio

If you follow my Facebook page, then you may remember that I relocated my Icom ID-5100A ham radio display to its third home about a year ago. It started in front of the gear shift in 2016, moved to the center vents in 2018, and then to the driver’s side vent in 2019. This location has been working well for me. However, I wanted to address the limitation of being able to use only use a tiny UHF antenna whenever I have a rooftop cargo box or basket mounted (see photo below). I devised a plan to remedy that. In the process, I decided to make other changes since I was already digging into things… Continue reading

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DIY Awning

It’s been almost a year since I since I shared my desire to do some camping, perhaps leaning toward overlanding, or what I might call “microlanding” in my GTI. See that article here. Even after a year, I haven’t set out on any camping trips. My schedule just hasn’t worked out. However, I’m still pursuing that goal, albeit very slowly. I recently started watching an overlanding channel called “Softroading The West.” The owner explores Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land, state parks, and national forests in his Subaru Forester. He does quite well with his modest setup. He shared a DIY awning video that compelled me to try one of my own, with a few modifications to suit my needs. It turned out good; I even received kudos from @softroadingthewest himself. Continue reading

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ECS Street Shield Skid Plate and Tunnel Brace

It’s been over two years since I upgraded my factory plastic oil pan to a steel unit from USP. I went under the car to shoot footage for its three year anniversary video and discovered that the RTV gasket had been seeping. The leak wasn’t severe enough to drip to the ground; it was just enough to blow a mist all over the lower engine bay. I had already resealed a leaky steel pan on my daughter’s Golf. So, I was not interested in making a routine of removing the pan, scraping away old RTV, and then awaiting the cure time for a new installation. I decided to install an oil pan gasket that’s marketed for the Tiguan and see how it holds up (5500 miles and dry as of this writing). While preparing for the possibility that I may need to go back to the stock pan, I decided to order an ECS Street Shield skid plate with its accompanying brace. Continue reading

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Sonax and Carbon Collective Oracle Ceramic Coatings

I had my GTI’s paint corrected and ceramic coated last April. I had a lot going on last year and didn’t take time to talk about it here, other than a short paragraph in an unrelated post. Nevertheless, I’ve been thrilled with the new shine and have been quietly enjoying its benefits. It was an expensive job, but well worth it. The seemingly random photos that I’ve shared over the past eight months show an excellent shine, even in the photos where the car is quite filthy. Have I mentioned how much I love Reflex Silver? It looks great almost all of the time, even when it’s dirty.  🙂 Continue reading

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Homesteader Fury 4×6 Long-Term Review – Conversion Builders Beware!

I bought my 2016 Homesteader Fury 4×6′ cargo trailer second-hand on a whim during a casual morning drive on a nearby highway. The original owner had it for about a year and gently used it for a clothing business. It was in apparently-perfect condition. Read more about the trailer on this page. My goal was to use this trailer for some light camping and on rare occasions when I need to transport bulky items in a dry enclosure. I eventually began transforming the trailer for camping by removing the interior walls so that I could insulate them. That’s when the trouble began… Continue reading

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Three Years and 93,000 Miles: A Summary of Problems So Far

This entry is a bit overdue. Previously, I had focused on sharing my reports here in my blog and then followed-up with a supplemental video on my YouTube channel. This time, I shot the YouTube video first and had intended to write an accompanying blog entry after the video was published. But something surprised me: The video was far more popular than anything I had ever published before. Some described it as viral, but I don’t give it that much credit. Still, surpassing 100,000 views in less than two weeks was unprecedented on my channel, as were the hundreds of comments at that point. Responding to comments (engagement) improves video rankings. So, I spent A LOT of time engaging with the viewers, which left my blog neglected. The activity pushed my list of subscribers beyond the coveted 1000 and now has nearly 2000 subscribers. The activity on that video has since leveled-off to manageable traffic. It’s time to tell readers here about my three-year anniversary with the car. Continue reading

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“We Make Marines”

Note: This article is intentionally time-late and void of names in order to protect the privacy of our Marine. Everything written here is perishable info that is outdated.

Our daughter’s first job as a General Maintenance Technician (GST)…

My plans to take the car on more road trips and camping adventures hasn’t exactly come to fruition. Most of that is a result of procrastination and spending money on other interests/projects. Hot weather played a significant part in the decision, too. A change in my daughter’s career choice has impacted our ability to hit the road, as well. We had counted on her as a house and cat sitter when we’d leave for a few days. She made a sudden decision to join the Marines around the same time that I was kicking around the idea of camping and “microlanding.” She surprised everyone; now we have a Marine! Continue reading

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90,000 Miles and APR Update

Looking at the latest activity on my blog, I can see that there’s been hardly any activity at all! I’ve been busy doing other things: LIFE. 🙂  The car has surpassed 90,000 miles without any significant issues. It continues to be a great commuter car as well as a travel car and workhorse. One of my largest summer projects was to purchase a shed, place it, and then move everything into it from out of a storage unit. The baby trailer was definitely the hero of that endeavor, as was the Dutton-Lainson winch that I featured recently. I don’t think I’ve shared anything about the shed. So, I’ve shared a few photos in the album below. I’ve also done some work on my subwoofer system, supported a bicycle event, removed my “rear seat delete,” had the paint corrected and ceramic coated, and updated my APR software. I’ll share details below. Continue reading

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Dutton-Lainson Hand Winch for Baby Trailer

I’ve shared several stories and videos about how I put my baby trailer to use. One unsung hero of my setup is my Dutton-Lainson 2000-lb hand winch with 20-ft nylon strap. Calling this a “hand winch” is a bit of a misnomer. Yes, the winch can be operated manually using its included hand crank. But, with a 40:1 gear ratio, moving anything the 11-ft distance from the end of my ramp to the front of the trailer would take a LONG time, not to mention a LOT of cranking. Instead, I use a cordless drill on the winch’s hex drive, which makes the operation MUCH faster. It’s akin to having a light-duty power winch on my trailer, but without the electrical connection or load to the tow vehicle. Continue reading

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12V Battery Failure and Upgrade to Group 48 AGM

I experienced somewhat of a weak start one morning a few months ago. But it didn’t happen again. Weeks later, I was listening to music over my lunch break and the sound quit. That was strange. The stereo was still on and the time counter was still running. After a small amount of troubleshooting, I concluded that the battery voltage had fallen to a point that the Helix amp had shutdown and all I needed to do was start the car and recharge the battery. That was my hint that the battery was nearing the end of its lifespan… after just two and a half years. I went to a shop and saw that they carried Interstate batteries and asked about it a replacement. The shop owner said “If the car starts, then you don’t need a battery.” I heeded his advice to wait. Four months later, I got the dreaded “click” when I pressed the START button. Continue reading

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80,000 Miles and Rear Seat Delete!

It’s been a while since I last reported a milestone. I skipped the 70,000-mile report because I had just shared about my car’s second birthday. Time has flown and now I’m past 80,000 miles. I continue to enjoy my commute, not that commuting 35 miles each way in urban traffic is fun, but the car makes it more enjoyable. The driveline is holding up very well to the Stage 2 tune, even with regular towing. Having the extra power on tap for authoritative passes is a good thing, too! My modifications have slowed due to me being quite content with the car, but they haven’t completely ceased. I’ve gone and done the unthinkable… Continue reading

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Possible Changes to Content?

My blog and my YouTube channel are relatively slow-moving. I tend to believe it’s because I’m compelled to share stories or news as I do things with the car. I had more to say when I was modding the car, although I must admit that my mod-journey was slow, too. Once my mods were 99% complete (are they ever 100%?), the stories sort of halted since I don’t pursue many car-related activities such as autocrossing, drag racing, or car shows. I’m sure you don’t want to read about my commutes. But I’ve got an itch to travel and think my content may shift towards road trips and even camping, all with the GTI (of course). Continue reading

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Pros and Cons of Various Cargo Transport Methods

As I wrote about my hitch-mounted cargo carrier, why I bought it, and why I stopped using it, I felt compelled to create lists of the pros and cons of each cargo transport method that I have at my disposal. Each has its merits, drawbacks, and levels of planning required before use. Oddly enough, my “baby trailer” is the most convenient go-to option if my ball mount is already installed. Here is my list of  pros and cons between my three cargo carrying options, hitch-mounted cargo carrier, rooftop cargo box, and a small utility trailer. I’ve included price examples using the least expensive options available online as well as what I paid for my own selections. Keep in mind that these prices are for the cheapest combinations available, but don’t include tiny trailers from discount stores due to their dismal 45-mph speed rating. I suspect most will prefer more sturdy options, which are more expensive. I’ve also created a lengthy YouTube video, which I eventually broke into smaller segments linked below: Continue reading

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Pro Series 20×48″ Hitch-Mounted Cargo Carrier

As I make updates to streamline some of my web pages and menus, I found myself with orphaned information about my hitch-mounted cargo carrier. I used it a lot on earlier cars, but not so much with my GTI. I still have the carrier, but I don’t use it as much now that I have the rooftop cargo box and trailers as other options. How did I use my hitch carrier? Why did I stop using it? What do I use instead? Continue reading for my answers and to learn some pros and cons about hitch-mounted cargo carriers. Continue reading

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Cabin Blower Motor Replacement

I’ve enjoyed my GTI. Mechanically, it has been problem free, mile after mile. Sure, there have been a few minor issues that were no fault of the car itself. Other than those minor issues, the car has been perfect… until now. My interior blower motor (ventilation) started making some sickly noises around the 70,000-mile mark. It was disappointing on a car that was just over two years old, especially knowing that the blower motor on my Mk3 lasted nearly 14 years and over 375,000 miles. My Mk7’s fan speed began to fluctuate until it eventually became unreliable, working only from time to time. With January’s “Polar Vortex” heading our way, I knew I wanted that fan working and blowing heat for my early morning commutes. When I shopped for the new blower, I was very pleased to discover that it is removed and installed without tools. Continue reading

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Stuck in the Mud; Saved by the “More Power Puller”

Have you ever wanted to take to the mud with your summer performance tires and see what your Mk7 can do? Yeah, neither have I.    But it still happened. I’ve made a few references to my yard projects in earlier posts. One of those projects was the widening of the slab outside my rear garage door. I bought ten extra bags of Sakrete to make sure I didn’t run out during the job; but somehow I still wound up with 22 bags left over. With a week of bad weather on its way, I decided to move the leftover bags into my cargo trailer to keep them dry until I could decide whether to return them or use them on another project. The scene was set… Continue reading

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Yakima Showcase 15 Wrap-Up (Pun Intended, Leaks Resolved)

If you’ve read my Long-Term Review of the Showcase 15, then you know that I was extremely disappointed to discover that many of its rivets leak during even light rainfall, causing the bottom of the box to pool with water. Imagine my surprise to learn that the rivets are also made of plastic and have no sealing precautions whatsoever. That’s unacceptable in a $700 box! Sure, Yakima has its lifetime “We’ve Got Your Back Guarantee,” which includes free repair or possible replacement for the life of a cargo box. However, the customer is responsible for shipping to their facility in Washington State. That would cost me around $150 in freight charges for an item this large. And what if the “repair” is just more of the same leaky rivets? No thanks! Instead, I committed to finding a way to fix it on my own. Continue reading

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Getting Stoned With My GTI!

I’ve been working on a drainage project behind my house. My back yard slopes toward my house, which means that rainwater from the two homes uphill from me collects against my back door and eventually culminates into a river through the garage. Replacing what was likely a 30-60 year old wooden door was a great start. But I needed to divert water from the back of the house. Gravel-encapsulated drains, aka “French drains,” are a popular way to carry out that feat. My aggressive project required thousands of pounds of #57 stone. So I put my GTI and baby trailer to work. Continue reading

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Two Years Old Plus Turbo Weather!

Yes, it’s photoshopped from last year…  🙂

Time flies when I’m having fun! Veteran’s Day marked the second anniversary of my GTI purchase. It also happens to fall at the onset of “Turbo Weather.” Temperatures are in the 40s, 50s, and 60s, so my intake temperatures are ideal for making power. The car has been running great. Power is good, my alignment and ride comfort is good, and I haven’t had any problems. I’m on the verge of taking the car for its second annual inspection. The car has 66,000 miles, so I’ll check the brakes and suspension ahead of time just to make sure that the inspector doesn’t pull a fast one on me. Other than that, I’m sure everything is fine.   Continue reading

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Overheating Equipment in the Trunk?

My last few entries have been about changes to my stereo and ham radio projects. I’ll finish the series by answering a frequently asked question: “Doesn’t your equipment get hot or risk overheating under the trunk floor?” I considered that possibility after feeling a hot Helix amplifier and had even designed a forced ventilation system to help mitigate any unseen problems. I had some fans on hand, but decided to wait for the car’s first warm weather to assess the setup. The summer of 2017 came and went without a single problem. Sure, the amplifiers felt warm, one was even hot, but how bad was it? I added a remote temperature sensor to the trunk in 2018 to make a better analysis. The results were surprising… Continue reading

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Ham Radio Display Relocation

When I first bought my car, I chose to mount my Icom ID-5100A display down by the gearshift because I had become accustomed to having my smartphone mounted high on the dash. The display location certainly made for a good photograph, one that combines ham radio, the GTI (Plaid seat), and manual transmissions. But it was  not ideal for convenient operating. Eventually, I decided to try a D-Dock for my smartphone, which freed some real estate on my dash. I decided to use my existing ProClip mount to move my 5100 display to a more visible location (see the photo below). I like the improved visibility! Continue reading

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D-Dock Smartphone Dock and Android Auto

I’ve used smartphones in my cars for over 10 years. I don’t text and drive, but I like being aware of when I receive a message and will take a look at short messages. I WON’T read a message that’s more than a few words if I’m on the road. Instead, my family knows a simple “Call me” is usually enough to get my attention and allow me to make a one-touch call. I started using my phone for navigating as Google Maps and 4G LTE networks expanded and became more usable. Eventually, I could use travel-related apps and certain food apps while stopped. Having the phone mounted someplace visible was good for a lot of things. Then Volkswagen started equipping their cars with Car Play and Android Auto. Driving was bound to change… Continue reading

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Long Term Review: Helix Sound Upgrade

Believe it or not, I’m no audio systems expert, despite what this photo may compel you to believe. I just know more about stereo upgrades than the average driver; plus, I know how to get what I want in an efficient way. A 30-year career in electronics doesn’t hurt, either.  😉  Plenty have mentioned that I could have installed a better system with digital signal processing (DSP) than the Helix system. A quick look at shows that DSPs can be expensive. Then one has to add an amplifier, the wiring to/from the trunk, and whatever else is needed, especially the parts required to break into the factory wiring harness or connector (I hate cutting factory wires). My enthusiasm for that level of effort has waned as I’ve gotten older. The Helix upgrade saved a lot of time and effort in the long run. I’m still quite pleased with it. Continue reading

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60,000 Miles; Plus Musings About Future Volkswagens…

My drivetrain warranty is officially over now that I’ve reached 60,000 miles. Amusingly, I declare that as though my power upgrades hadn’t killed the warranty already. HAHA! The car’s been running great. My list of mods continues to grow slowly. Since my 50k update, I’ve tinted the windows, added a few 3D printed accessories, went even darker on the glass by adding VW accessory sun shades, added an 8-inch European MIB2 display, and finally mounted my powdercoated Nogaros. I’ve also been working my GTI like a mule by hauling plenty of rock and dirt loads with my utility trailer. Feel free to click each link to read more.  Continue reading

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Eight Inch MIB2 Display

I’ve been very pleased with the MIB2 infotainment system in my GTI. The display size is adequate, sound quality is good, and the system introduced me to AndroidAuto. If you’ve explored my site, then you know that I’ve upgraded my system with Helix and beyond. In time, I learned that the European version of my car has an 8-inch display. I was not shocked. As a longtime Volkswagen enthusiast, I am perfectly aware that Europeans get all the best stuff in their Volkswagens. Americans want it, too. HAHA! Thankfully, someone has found a way to import the larger displays and their associated bezels and sell them as a kit. It’s an expensive upgrade, so I avoided it for some time. Then the kits went on sale, dropping in price just enough for me to make an impulse buy. Continue reading

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OEM Pop-In Sunshades (Rear)

I tinted my glass a few months ago, but I was still intrigued by Volkswagen’s pop-in shades, P/N: 5G0-064-365. The shades were recently on sale at Deutsche Auto Parts (DAP), so I made an impulse purchase. The kit comes with tight-fitting black perforated shades for the rear side windows and hatch glass as well as the retaining clips and a pry tool. The directions are vague, but easy enough to figure out. The fit and finish is excellent. But I can see how having these things installed with tinted glass may get me pulled over someday.   Continue reading

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More Nogaros, Now in Gunmetal Gray…

I recently found myself wondering if the 18×7.5-inch Nogaro could become rare in the United States. They seem to be common in the U.K. However, they were available only on the 2017 GTI Sport in the U.S. See this post for details. I had thought about buying a second Nogaro set just in case one of my wheels gets damaged. Being a wheel whore, I even considered a second set just to maintain the same look between winter and summer tire sets. Nogaro sets still sell for a pretty penny, with some sets going for $600-$700. So I was in no hurry to make a purchase. I had hoped to see a good deal on a set nearby someday. Then I got lucky and found a set at a great price. Continue reading

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OBDEleven Scan Tool Holder

I have an OBDEleven scan tool. I learned the hard way that leaving the scan tool plugged in full-time isn’t a great idea. Mine has lived in the glovebox for the past 18 months. There’s nothing terribly wrong with that. However, user “southpawboston” created a slick solution that I knew I had to have. The Mk7 GTIs have the MIB2 brains in the glovebox. There are holders on either side, one for SD cards and another for ID cards. Keeping spare SD cards in the glovebox is very handy for a photographer who sometimes forgets the camera’s SD card. I do not find the ID card holders very useful. This is where the OBDEleven scan tool holder fits. Southpawboston essentially created a fake OBD port that clips into the existing opening in our cars. Continue reading

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