Cargo Carrying and Towing

I choose to maximize the capacity of my VW. Click the submenu items to for more details. Here’s a summary:

TorkLift EcoHitch(completed on 3/25/17) – I’ve always been one to put my car to work. I refuse to buy a pickup truck. I have a small utility trailer that gets a lot of use; plus, I have a cargo tray that plugs into a hitch receiver. It’s great for carrying dirty items that I don’t want inside the car. It’s nice to be able to run stuff to the dump or carry bicycles outside of the car without resorting to noisy roof racks. See this entry for details.

I like small trailers and opted for Carry-On’s 3.5x5LSHS, a 3.5×5-foot trailer with 16-inch tall mesh sides. My wife immediately called it a “baby trailer.” It’s great for taking stuff to the dump or transporting dirty items that I don’t want inside my car. It’s like having a part-time pickup truck that gets 30+ mpg. It’s a good trailer right off the lot, but I made substantial modifications to make the trailer even better.  See this page for details.