Adapting the Factory Antenna Hole to NMO



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  1. Jose says:

    Would this antenna mount have covered the hole in the roof without an extra plate?

    • Scott says:

      Jose – I think it would! I had seen this product, but I figured it was just as knock-off of the older Larsen mount. But I now see that it is 1/4″ or 9mm wider. It’s enough to convince me to buy one and try it out. Still, keep in mind that the margins are slim and precise centering is needed to avoid a leak. Thanks for posting!

    • Scott says:

      Jose – I wanted to follow-up on this and report that I received the EM-MG11006-SP. It is better in EVERY way! The additional 9mm of width provides a good margin of comfort for covering the 40mm antenna hole. Better yet, it is all metal on the inside. The Larsen mount is plastic on the inside; so, it’s only good for 1/2-wave antennas that don’t require a groundplane. In my opinion, that goes against their claim that the mount works with “any antenna between 30-1000 MHz. The EM mount does not have this problem. You will need a 3/4” fender washer to go between the underside of the roof and the mounting nut so that the mount can be sandwiched against the roof. With that, the entire mount provides a good electrical connection to the body of the car. Best of all, this mount works with my ATAS-120A. It will tune all the way down to 7.2 MHz! However, don’t trust this mount to support a heavy antenna at highway speeds. I’d use my ATAS-120A only while stationary.

      I’m going to rewrite the page that got you to this photo to reflect that EM is the way to go and to avoid the Larsen mount. I’ll send a copy of this to your e-mail address in case you’re not following this thread. Take Care!

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