The Plan

Updated on 5/3/2021 – Finally, what  started as a list of mods is now an empty page because I’ve accomplished my tuning goals.

Instead of a list of plans, I’ll make this a list of mods that some may expect to see, but they’re also mods that I have no plans to do.

Brakes – There are a lot of “upgrades” that people chose, but don’t really improve much. The stock GTI Performance Package brakes (same as Golf R) are more than adequate for my driving style. Need another opinion and have an hour? Watch this video.

Engine Mounts – I don’t spin the wheels often. When I do, I don’t overdo it to the point of inducing wheel hop. I’ll stay stock, which avoids unwanted noise and vibration.

Intake – I’ve done minor upgrades, but have chosen to keep my stock airbox. Exhaustive intake testing by has shown that even the stock intake will flow 336 cubic feet per minute. That amount of airflow will support 484 horsepower! The stock airbox will flow even more through a larger turbo. In short, the TURBO INLET is the restriction!

Other Mounts – I like the stock feel of the car. When a mount fails, regardless of its location, I will replace it with a stock part.

Suspension – I like the way my GTI looks and rides. I think about lowering it “just an inch.” But the car’s current ride and settled look is right where I like it. I don’t think I want to ruin that; plus, the alignment is perfect!

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  1. Michael E says:

    Great web site. I appreciate your effort and details. My ’15 MK7 PP is also APR II like yours, but includes the APR muffler delete, P3 V3 Multi Gage and air intake. I love the car as is and have also thought about going IS38 if the turbo goes. It is a turn key upgrade for me. However, I enjoy the car so much as it rides now… and with everyone swapping the IS20’s out with 10K or less miles I was able to pick up one for $250! So, I’ll be staying right where I am at sage 2. Very happy.

    • Scott says:

      It’s been a long time since I last looked at this page. I needed to review it before replying. I think I’ll remove VMR springs from my plan. I’m probably going to just stay stock on the suspension. HAHA! Thanks for visiting.

  2. Foo says:

    Another fan here, thanks Scott! Your spec to needs-case, aka form follows function, is my approach now for last four vehicles, as is the “gray man” sleeper build style.

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