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I’ve been very pleased with the MIB2 infotainment system in my GTI. The display size is adequate, sound quality is good, and the system introduced me to AndroidAuto. If you’ve explored my site, then you know that I’ve upgraded my system with Helix and beyond. In time, I learned that the European version of my car has an 8-inch display. I was not shocked. As a longtime Volkswagen enthusiast, I am perfectly aware that Europeans get all the best stuff in their Volkswagens. Americans want it, too. HAHA! Thankfully, someone has found a way to import the larger displays and their associated bezels and sell them as a kit. It’s an expensive upgrade, so I avoided it for some time. Then the kits went on sale, dropping in price just enough for me to make an impulse buy.

Thanks to EuroZone Tuning (EZT), I was able to upgrade my non-navigation display to eight inches, all while maintaining exactly the same button functions as the factory unit. I could have chosen one of their new glass displays, but the button layout is different (and the kit is more expensive). Call me kooky, but I also wanted to maintain a “period-correct” appearance with my upgrade. My display features a “MUTE” button. Some people hate it; some people don’t care. I love mine, perhaps too much. I use drive-thru lanes and like to simply push a button to mute and pause the music, then push it again to resume everything at exactly the same volume as before. Sure, it’s a bit lazy when compared to operating a volume knob, but I still like it. Other than size, the only difference between this European display and the factory unit is that the “BAND” button now reads “RADIO.” I ordered my display with a pre-installed screen protector, which may account for the matte finish when compared to the stock display in this photo.

The difference is pleasing. Some naysayers, probably those who don’t have the upgrade and/or despise its pricing, have pointed out that 8 inches is only 24% larger than 6.5 inches. But the increase is in both directions, so one must consider the increase in display AREA, which is 53% and noteworthy! No, it’s not as if I have a flatscreen on my dash, but it is a nice improvement. I didn’t care for AndroidAuto when I first bought the car. But I’ve played with it over time and like it even more with the larger display. Around town, I usually just stick with playing music from an SD card. For my commute, it seems I can have the best of everything by playing music from an SD card, displaying Waze on my smartphone, and using GoogleMaps on the 8-inch display using AndroidAuto.

Installation was fairly straightforward. My kit came with a pry tool, four chassis lock keys for display removal, and good directions. The only setback was with one of the electrical connectors on the back of the European display. It doesn’t match the keying of the factory cable. But that is easily remedied with a razor blade (see the directions). Once a key “nub” is shaved from the factory connector, the wiring goes into the European display and locks appropriately. I have no reason to believe this will be a problem in the future. The new bezel was fairly easy to install, but the bottom takes some finessing to get it to snap into place. To be honest, the lower edge is a total PITA!

Is it worth it? Well, that depends on you. I won’t share pricing info here since it’s subject to change. But it IS an expensive decision. The new display does not give higher resolution, more menu options, or make any changes to the system. It is simply a larger display along with its accompanying bezel. Understanding that, you must decide for yourself if it’s worth it. My eyes adjusted to having the larger screen after just a few drives. It’s sort of like getting a Stage 1 tune and then wanting Stage 2, then 2+, Stage 3, etc. I think I’m already taking my larger display for granted. BUT, I do notice a difference when I get into another VW with a standard 6.5-inch display. At that point, the other display looks small while mine is normal. HAHA! So, yes, it was worth it for me. See my related YouTube video here.

It’s So Huge!


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17 Responses to Eight Inch MIB2 Display

    • Scott says:

      Patrick – This boot-up screen is stock. I have recollection that it can be changed to other options using VCDS. I recall seeing options for “R”, Golf, Jetta, TDI, and perhaps more. But I don’t recall how to get there. I’m sure there’s directions in a discussion forum. Thanks for visiting! -Scott

  1. Brian says:

    I have a 2017 GTI SE with Fender premium audio. Will my fender premium audio still work if i upgrade to the 8″ display?

    • Scott says:

      Brian – Thanks for writing. The display is only a “dumb” unit that gives a larger screen… sort of like replacing a home computer monitor with a larger screen. It should work. BUT… I’m not 100% aware of any changes that the newer systems may have brought. For example, I would have thought that your car would already have an 8-inch display with glass. Since it doesn’t, I have reason to doubt myself. Contact EZT at support@eurozonetuning.com. He is very responsive and will give you a definitive answer. Take Care! -Scott

  2. Joseph D says:

    Hi Scott,
    I own a 2019 VW GTI Rabbit Edition which has the 6.5 inch screen WITHOUT the CD unit in the glove box. Do you know if there is a way I can replace the 6.5 inch screen with an 8 inch screen?
    I have contacted Eurozone tuning but have not received a reply.

  3. Joseph D says:

    Hi Scott,
    I write to clarify that Bill from Eurozone tuning did reply and gave me two options to add an 8 inch screen to replace the 6.5 inch screen in my 2019 GTI Rabbit Edition.

    • Scott says:

      Joseph – Sorry for the delay. Yesterday was a busy day. I was going to suggest giving Bill some time to reply. He’s a one-man show, but very responsive. Plus, without a CD player in the glovebox (nothing at all?), I wasn’t sure what he had to offer, assuming your complete unit is in the dash. Did he point you to a specific product that you can share here? Thanks for writing. -Scott

  4. Joseph D says:

    This is what Bill sent me via eMail.
    “You will need the following to upgrade to the MIB2 with the larger OEM display.
    Discover Pro Brain Unit with Display Kit: Option 1 or Option 2.
    Relocation Wiring Harness : $159.99
    Carplay Wiring Harness : $139.99
    The relocation harness relocates the wiring from behind the display, to in the glovebox. This way, you can mount the brain unit in the glovebox location. Both Discover Pro options will give you an 8″ (or 9.2″) display with Apple Carplay/Android Auto, OEM Navigation, and a few other cool OEM+ features”.
    As you can see, both are expensive options.
    With regards.

    • Scott says:

      WOW! I didn’t realize the Rabbit was decontented to that degree. I could swear that all GTIs had MIB2 in 2017… maybe even 2018. But I’m not really paying attention since I’m happy with my car. Good Luck making a decision.

  5. Yousef from kuwait says:

    When you upgrade the head unit ,, did you feel defferant in sound .cuz I got 2017 golf
    and I want to upgrad the sound system.

    • Scott says:

      I didn’t upgrade the head unit, which is in the glovebox on my car. I only upgraded the display, which makes no changes to the function or sound of the radio. Thanks for visiting.

  6. Jorge says:

    By any chance do you have the part number of the screen?

  7. Ivan Bartolo says:

    Hi i have a 2013 golf 7. I would like to swap the screen with a bigger 8 inch. Connectors at the back seem the same my unit is 5g0031819 its an Mstd anyway thats the version there is in my settings. Do u think it will work.

    • Scott says:

      Thanks for writing, Ivan! Unfortunately, I’m not expert enough in “what will work” to advise you on this. I purchased my screen as a kit from someone who had done the groundwork and understands the variants. Try visiting the website linked in my write-up and contact them. He’s a one-man show, but very responsive to e-mails. Good Luck! -Scott

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