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For more than 25 years, I was known best for the hidden modifications that I had done to my VWs. Then I went overboard with updates to my once-hidden communications suite in 2022. My car went from being one of the best-kept secrets on the road to being one of the most conspicuous mobile communications platforms in my area. Still, there is much more to My GTI than most expect. It is my “everything car” which serves as a commuter, travel/vacation car, weekend play toy, roving communications station, and workhorse with racks and trailers.

If you are here for my amateur radio content, casually known as “ham radio,” you’re almost in the right place! Click here to go straight to my ham radio content and to learn more about the equipment and capability that I have stuffed into my small car. If you’re here strictly for my Volkswagen content, click here to learn more about the mild modifications that I’ve done to my car. Believe it or not, it does not take much time or effort for me to return my car to its previous “Stealth GTI” state. I am still capable of driving an inconspicuous car! 😉

Why do this to a GTI? Well, I’m a one-car kind of guy. So, I decided to make the most out of the car that I already enjoy driving. My efforts achieved the creation of a better, more enjoyable commuter and road trip machine that can carry cargo, pull a trailer, and blast over railroad tracks and rough roads with reckless abandon, all without resorting to buying an expensive pickup truck that would present a full-time operational penalty just to fulfill a part-time need. I may get a larger car someday, but not until I NEED one.

I hope you find my content worthwhile. I welcome your comments and questions. I moderate all comments as a precaution, but will publish and respond to all polite and constructive entries.

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