Welcome to my site. The menu at the top of each page is comprehensive. Hover your mouse over an item to reveal a roll-down menu for more options. I created this site as a place to share and discuss the hidden modifications I’ve done to My GTI. I don’t like anything eye-catching on my car; I like to hide my modifications. Almost no one can tell that this GTI has an extra 100 horsepower and 100 lb-ft, an upgraded stereo system, and a hidden communications suite. It is my “everything car” and serves as a commuter, a travel/vacation car, a roving communications station, and my workhorse with racks and trailers.

function-formThis site will not feature flashy wheels, vinyl graphics, wings, “stretch,” “moar low,” “hella flush,” “camber,” or hardly any of the other trendy things today’s cool kids find appealing. My efforts will be toward making the car a better, more enjoyable commuter and road trip machine that can carry friends/cargo, pull a trailer, and blast over railroad tracks and rough roads with reckless abandon. I prefer function over form. So, I do not pursue “cool-status,” not in the usual sense, anyway. winky

Still, I hope you find my content worthwhile. I welcome your comments and questions. I moderate all comments as a precaution, but will publish and respond to all polite and constructive entries.