Why “Stealth GTI?”

dragon_2404“Stealth TDI” is the online screen name that had stuck with me the best and longest. I earned that moniker because of my conservative styling goals. I don’t like anything eye-catching on my car; I like to hide my modifications. Although I eventually mounted somewhat flashy wheels on my Mk3 (see photo), almost no one  could tell that this old car had an extra 50 whp and 150 lb-ft, tuned suspension, upgraded lighting, an upgraded stereo system, and a hidden communications suite. It served as a commuter, a travel/vacation car, a weekend racer (autocross), and my workhorse with racks/trailer almost non-stop for its first 16 years and 450,000 miles.

function-formFeaturing a GTI on a site that had a diesel-only bias for nearly two decades seemed unjust. I decided to register StealthGTI.com since I expected to do execute the same tuning/styling plan with my GTI. This site will not feature flashy wheels, vinyl graphics, wings, “stretch,” “moar low,” “hella flush,” “camber,” or hardly any of the other things today’s cool kids find appealing. My efforts will be toward making the car a better, more enjoyable commuter and road trip machine that can carry friends/cargo, pull a trailer, and blast over railroad tracks, potholes and rough roads with reckless abandon. I prefer function over form, so I do not pursue “cool-status.” winky

Still, I hope you find my content worthwhile. I welcome your comments and questions. I moderate all comments as a precaution, but will publish all polite and constructive entries.

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