OEM Pop-In Sunshades (Rear)

I tinted my glass a few months ago, but I was still intrigued by Volkswagen’s pop-in shades, P/N: 5G0-064-365. The shades were recently on sale at Deutsche Auto Parts (DAP), so I made an impulse purchase. The kit comes with tight-fitting black perforated shades for the rear side windows and hatch glass as well as the retaining clips and a pry tool. The directions are vague, but easy enough to figure out. The fit and finish is excellent. But I can see how having these things installed with tinted glass may get me pulled over someday.  

The hatch glass was the most awkward piece since the rear glass is larger than the openings in the trim. As a result, the shade has to be flexed into place. It’s not hard, but it takes a technique to install without getting finger smudges on the glass. The retaining clips must be installed before the shade goes in. These two unique clips are where the included pry tool gets used. It doesn’t take much pressure to pull back the trim a few millimeters to fit these clips into place. After that, clean the glass and install the shade, pulling it tight into the crevices once it’s in. Despite the complexity I’ve detailed here, the kit is still very easy to install, taking me about 15 minutes.

The side windows are a cinch. The side clips and top clip fit into place after pulling back the weather stripping just enough to get them into place. Install the bottom clip last. There’s no need to measure since it simply slides into the little slot below the window track. These shades are reversible by switching them between the left and right side. I chose to face the “Volkswagen” tags inward so that they’re less visible from outside the car. [Edit: I decided to add a dab of Household GOOP to each tab after finding one on the floor. It must’ve fallen out while removing the shades to clean the glass.]

The car can be driven with the shades installed and the windows down. However, they’ll flap a bit with the windows down more than about half way. The shades are ideal for those who like to crack the windows about two inches. And they’re probably good for those with window deflectors since they’re likely to reduce insect entry when the car is parked. That’s speculation, especially since the no-see-ums will still get through, but a casual wasp looking for a home is unlikely to get in. That’s my opinion, anyway.

My only complaint is with a minor loss of clarity, especially at night. It’s to be expected, right? It’s not bad, but now it’s more difficult to spot police cars sneaking up behind me. HAHA! Regarding police action, we’ll see how long it takes to attract some attention. I’ve only been pulled over once for tint alone. My car was registered in Texas and was tinted to Texas limits. A Virginia state officer stopped me just for the tint. He let me go with a warning after I pinky-swore to fix the “problem.” If I get hassled for these shades, I think I’ll simply get a warning if I offer to remove them on the spot. Afterwards, I’d save the shades for when I want a little more privacy while parked. They’re GREAT for additional privacy, that is certain! See more photos in the album below. See my related YouTube video here.

[Edit: I had speculated that police officers who are unable to see through the shades and tinted glass might pull me over for having a “limo tint.” An officer might not pull me over after seeing the side windows as I drive past. But I think it’s more likely that one following me down the road, unable to see through my car from behind, would find a reason to pull me over. “Dark tint = Gangster,” right? 😉 I removed the shade from the hatchback glass, just to play it safe. The rear view is much better!]

“But my TINT is legal…”  


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5 Responses to OEM Pop-In Sunshades (Rear)

  1. Evans says:

    What’s the part number for sun shade?

    • Scott says:

      Evans – The P/N is 5G0-064-365. I have a link to the product where it is being sold by DAP. Their price still appears to be the most competitive by a wide margin. Have a look. Thanks for writing! -Scott

  2. Eric says:

    do you feel like these made a difference in cabin temperatures when sitting outside? I park outside for work frequently and I am between these and the weather tech full window set.

    • Scott says:

      Thanks for writing, Eric! I need to do a write-up about my Weathertech shades! I’d say the OEM shades are just for mild shading and perhaps some privacy. I don’t think they do a lot for overall heat reduction, especially since most light and heat enter through the windshield. The Weathertech shades are WAY better! They’re insulated, reflective, and make a huge difference. The interior can get quite cool if you opt to erect the shades AND run the AC on a hot day. The only downside when compared to the OEM shades is that you cannot drive with the Weathertechs erected. I’ve split the difference by using the OEM shades on the rear rolldowns and the Weathertechs everywhere else. The combo still does a great job at keeping the car cooler than generic products. See my video review at https://youtu.be/1pBVOtiXBlU, if you haven’t seen it already. Thanks for visiting!

      • Eric says:

        Fantastic! I am running a weather tech front windshield shade currently. I wanted to do hybrid set up, much like yours. I wanted to add the OEM shades to the roll down windows and rear window, and pair with the weather tech front windsheild.

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