3M Clear Bra: UltraShield of Hampton Roads

ultrashield-03I treated each of my Mk6 Jettas to 3M clear bras within 24 hours of purchase. The hood on my Mk3 was chipped-up pretty bad after 10 years, so I hoped to protect my newer cars since I planned to keep them for a long time. Little did I know that Dieselgate would change that! HAHA! Anyway, the 3M clear bra is expensive, but I knew it was worth it after the first time I saw a rock fly over the center median and strike my hood without damaging it. I inspected the hood after 50,000 miles and found several tiny gouges in the material, but none of the damage went through to the paint. If I wanted, I could go back to the installer and have a new panel applied at a discount.

ultrashield-logoI wasn’t as quick to treat my GTI due to some scheduling conflicts. An appointment finally opened after 16 days and 1800 miles of ownership. I had UltraShield of Hampton Roads apply 3M material to the hood, fenders, front bumper, headlights, mirror caps, and the rear bumper top. The material is guaranteed to not crack, peel, or yellow for seven years. UltraShield is my local 3M certified installer and a family owned business. I discovered them while researching clear bra installers in my area. They were highly recommended by members of an exotic car club with nothing but high praise for their product and work ethic. The material is initially cut by a computer-aided laser cutter, but the installer does minor trimming to perfect the fit. This was particularly true in the case of my headlights and the area around my front license plate. The man is truly a master of his craft!

I can’t think of much else to say about the company, product, or process. Instead, I’ll just share some photos I took during the two-hour process:

Ready to Follow a Gravel Truck,


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I grew up near Houston, TX and joined the U. S. Coast Guard in 1986. I am trained on electronics and taught myself the basics about automotive systems and to perform some of my own maintenance (cars and bicycles). I became involved with Amateur Radio and computers in 1995. The explosion of technology has made my job and several of my hobbies quite interesting. I retired from the Coast Guard in 2016 and continue to work in the the electronics systems engineering field. My hobbies include Volkswagens, bicycling, electronics, amateur radio, web management, and reptiles. Visit my websites to learn more.
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