VW Splash Guards

I’m a fan of splash guards, aka “mud flaps,” on my cars. I didn’t realize how much I’d miss them until I left them off my Mk6. Sure enough, I found myself needing to clean tar and grime off the rocker panels and rear bumper skin on a regular basis. As a result, I knew I wanted splash guards on my GTI. I had hoped to negotiate a deal on some during the purchase. But I guess I got my car at or near the dealer’s bottom line; there was no slipping them into the deal without paying their mark-up. No thanks! I knew I could order a set for less and install them myself.

The following day, I found that the dealer had failed to remove the shipping pucks from the strut shafts, effectively locking-out the front suspension. Unfortunately, this is a common problem around the country, which is why I knew to look. The dealer atoned for their “puck-up” by installing a set of OEM splash guards free of charge the following weekend. My salesperson knew I was interested in them, so it was a nice surprise when he made the offer. I guess there was room in the deal after all.  😉

Some people love splash guards while others hate them. Me? I never even think about them since they’re doing their job. But I know I’d want them if I found myself cleaning extra gunk off my Reflex Silver paint. So I’m glad to have them!

Free From Grime,


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