VW Splash Guards

This is a late entry to create a page about the splash guards that I can link to my roll-down menu. I’ll delete this paragraph in a week or so.

I’m a fan of splash guards, aka “mud flaps,” on my cars. I didn’t realize how much I’d miss them until I left them off my Mk6. Sure enough, I found myself needing to clean tar and grime off the rocker panels and rear bumper skin on a regular basis. As a result, I knew I wanted splash guards on my GTI. I had hoped to negotiate a deal on some during the purchase. But I guess I got my car at or near the dealer’s bottom line; there was no slipping them into the deal without paying their mark-up. No thanks! I knew I could order a set for less and install them myself.

These pucks are used to lock-out the front suspension during transport. There are three per side on the front only. To check to see if your car has them, lift the car about six inches and pull up the strut boot. You’ll see them if they’re there. Removal is simple.

So I left with my new pride and joy and drove about 100 miles to my home. There were points along the drive where the car felt REALLY firm. The next morning, I decided to inspect the front suspension after driving over a speed bump that shouldn’t have been so bone-jolting. Sure enough, I found that the dealer had failed to remove the shipping pucks from the strut shafts, effectively locking-out the front suspension. Unfortunately, this is a common problem around the country, which is why I knew to look. The ride improved dramatically once the front suspension was free to do its job. The dealer atoned for their “puck-up” by installing a set of OEM splash guards free of charge the following weekend. My salesperson knew I was interested in them, so it was a nice surprise when he made the offer. I guess there was room in the deal after all.  😉

Some people love splash guards while others hate them. Me? I never even think about them since they’re doing their job. But I know I’d want them if I found myself cleaning extra gunk off my Reflex Silver paint. So I’m glad to have them!

Free From Grime,


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I grew up near Houston, TX and joined the U. S. Coast Guard in 1986. I am trained on electronics and taught myself the basics about automotive systems and to perform some of my own maintenance (cars and bicycles). I became involved with Amateur Radio and computers in 1995. The explosion of technology has made my job and several of my hobbies quite interesting. I retired from the Coast Guard in 2016 and continue to work in the the electronics systems engineering field. My hobbies include Volkswagens, bicycling, electronics, amateur radio, web management, and reptiles. Visit my websites to learn more.
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