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OBDEleven Scan Tool Holder

I have an OBDEleven scan tool. I learned the hard way that leaving the scan tool plugged in full-time isn’t a great idea. Mine has lived in the glovebox for the past 18 months. There’s nothing terribly wrong with that. … Continue reading

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Nogaro Wheels: Will They Be “Rare” in the Near Future?

The 2017 GTI Sport came with 18-inch Nogaro wheels. I’m not sure why VW chose to equip this trim differently from the other GTIs, but the fact remains that these wheels were sold on a relatively small number of GTIs … Continue reading

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Full Disclosure

[Updated on 6/7/2018] I’ve been asked a lot of questions about my VW’s over the years. One reason for my website is as a way to say “read this” so that I don’t have retype the same answers to the … Continue reading

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Banners Over

When I first created this blog, I started with a banner that I created with an image from Volkswagen’s website. I was able to use images of my own once I acquired my GTI. Later, I wanted the banners to … Continue reading

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