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Where did I come from? Why am I driving a GTI? This category has the answers!

Full Disclosure

[Updated on 5/12/2021] I’ve been asked a lot of questions about my VW’s over the years. My website serves as a way to say “read this” so that I don’t have answer the same questions every day. This includes in … Continue reading

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Why a GTI “Sport?”

As mentioned on my “Why Stealth GTI?” page, I prefer to keep a sedate appearance with my cars. Doing so avoids unwanted attention from thieves, vandals, police, and boy-racers. I was certain that I’d be quite content with a base “S,” … Continue reading

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“Stealth GTI” Origin Story

I’ve considered buying a GTI many times over the years. Being a TDI enthusiast, it was difficult for me to give up three things that couldn’t be had with the GTI:  1) Over 40-mpg, 2) 600+ miles between fill-ups, and … Continue reading

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