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Hopefully, this list will remain small. If it doesn’t, this will be the collection of any and all things that have gone wrong with my GTI.

Coast to Coast: Dealer Visit and Memorial Service

I drove to the dealer to get a set of ignition coils, commonly referred to as “coil packs,” while the rest of the family went to Sequoia National Park. They were not in stock. So, I ordered them for pick-up … Continue reading

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Three Years and 93,000 Miles: A Summary of Problems So Far

This entry is a bit overdue. Previously, I had focused on sharing my reports here in my blog and then followed-up with a supplemental video on my YouTube channel. This time, I shot the YouTube video first and had intended … Continue reading

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12V Battery Failure and Upgrade to Group 48 AGM

I experienced somewhat of a weak start one morning a few months ago. But it didn’t happen again. Weeks later, I was listening to music over my lunch break and the sound quit. That was strange. The stereo was still … Continue reading

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Cabin Blower Motor Replacement

I’ve enjoyed my GTI. Mechanically, it has been problem free, mile after mile. Sure, there have been a few minor issues that were no fault of the car itself. Other than those minor issues, the car has been perfect… until … Continue reading

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Door Creaking (Resolved)

I noted some creaking in my door or B-pillar during my 30,000-mile entry. I had read reports of a weld that might have failed in a number of Mk7s. I was hopeful that was not my case. I noticed the … Continue reading

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Firestone Firehawk Indy 500… and Bent Wheels…

When my car was in for the APR Stage 2 upgrade, the mechanic noticed that the tread on one of my tires was separating. I had just starting hearing some noise that sounded a little like the tread wear bars … Continue reading

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Long-Term Review: Yakima Showcase 15

I had some opinions about my Showcase 15 right away, but decided to wait until after its first real trip before writing a long-term review. I used the box on a Thanksgiving voyage from southeast Virginia to St Louis, Missouri, … Continue reading

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My Tires LOVE Nails and Screws!

Believe it or not, I didn’t expect to be the blogger who’d write about his GTI every week. But purchases and events continue to give me something to say.  😉  This time, it’s tire repairs. Back when I built a … Continue reading

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More Broken Glass

It’s been just three weeks since replacing the windshield and I already find myself needing more glass. This time, it’s the passenger side rear door window. I noticed the shattered glass after cutting my lawn, so I’m certain that I … Continue reading

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Cracked Windshield; Replacement by Fuyao

I’ve had plenty of rocks bounce off my windshield without apparent damage over the past several months. Two days ago, I had something hit my windshield that was barely perceivable. About ten minutes later, I heard a strange noise that … Continue reading

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Dead Battery

I recently experienced my first dead battery in a very long time. This was a big surprise in a car with only 4500 miles on the odometer. But there was a cause that turned out to be my fault. Let … Continue reading

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Initial Problems Upon Delivery

I knew I wanted a GTI, no matter what! I had my heart set on a Reflex Silver Sport and found the only one in the region. I was so confident I’d love the car that I didn’t even test … Continue reading

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