About Me

Greetings! My name is Scott. I’m a small car enthusiast who insists on maximizing the utility of my car instead of having separate vehicles for each need. With my current car, a 2017 VW GTI, my efforts transformed a “hot hatch” into a commuter car, travel car, mobile ham radio station, audio sound stage, workhorse, and weekend joy-rider. You, too, can “do more with less.” My content features my endeavors toward achieving or maintaining this goal. I upload a new video each week to my YouTube channel. Feel free to visit my other sites using the links in my banner above, including my Amazon storefront where I feature some of the equipment that’s in my car. Feel free to contact me here.

I grew up near Houston, TX and joined the U.S. Coast Guard in 1986. I went to a technical school and learned about radar, industrial computers, and synchro/servo subsystems. Later, learned the basics about automotive systems and started doing some of my own maintenance (cars and bicycles). I became involved with Amateur Radio and computers in 1995. I built and managed StealthTDI.com for nearly 20 years, but closed the site when I sold my last TDI in 2018. I also own KE4WMF.com (ham radio) and  CaptainOverpacker.com (bicycles).

I retired from the Coast Guard in 2016 and remained in Newport News, VA. I may return to Texas. Until then, I’m still working in the electronics systems logistics field for the Coast Guard. The explosion of technology has made my job and several of my hobbies quite interesting. Other hobbies include Volkswagens, bicycling, web management, and reptiles. Other Volkswagens I’ve owned include a 1974 Beetle, a 1992 Golf GL, a 1998 Jetta TDI, a 2003 Passat GLS (wife’s car), a pair of 2014 Jetta TDIs (“his and hers”), a 2018 Jetta SE (wife’s car), a 2017 Jetta S (kid’s car), and a 2015 Golf S (kid’s car). The TDI is the car that ignited my passion for Volkswagens and united me with the VW community. I kept that car for 20 years. Read more about my other VWs on this page.

Feel free to check out the other tabs on this site to learn more about my pursuits. Enter your e-mail address in the “Follow Blog via Email” widget at the right.