About Me

20110131-scott01I live in the Hampton Roads area of Southeast Virginia and work in the electronics systems logistics field. My first Volkswagen was a 1974 Beetle in 1985. I sold it when I joined the Coast Guard in 1986. I acquired a 1992 Golf GL in 1996, later trading it for my new 1998 Jetta TDI. The TDI is the car that ignited my passion for Volkswagens and united me with the VW community. I kept that car for 20 years. I’ve also owned a 2003 Passat GLS (wife’s car), a pair of 2014 Jetta TDIs (“his and hers”), a 2018 Jetta SE (wife’s car), a 2017 Jetta S (kid’s car), and a 2015 Golf S (kid’s car). I am best-known for my longtime connection to the TDI, having been a member of TDIClub.com since before it became a forum in 1999. I was an enthusiastic VW diesel driver for over 20 years. I also own CaptainOverpacker.com and KE4WMF.com.

I enjoyed my mildly-modified TDIs over the years; however, they failed to give me the performance I sought, even after resorting to illegal exhaust modifications that also increased smoke output. I decided to make a change and purchase a GTI in 2016. Volkswagen’s payout in the wake of Dieselgate made the decision even easier! It didn’t take long for me to wonder, “Why did I wait so long to buy a GTI?!”

Feel free to check out the other tabs on this site to learn more about my new pursuit.