Ham Radio/Comms

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I’m an avid ham radio operator and I enjoy adding capability to any car I own, even a sporty GTI! My communications suite can offer worldwide communication without relying on cellular services or public infrastructure. This system is capable of using 14 different bands between 3.5-467 MHz while operating via several different modes. My setup has proven effective, regardless of whether I’m on the move or parked. See this page for more info about my station.

I’m also building a VHF/UHF contesting station, referred to a “Rover” in the categories, that consists of modular sections that can be quickly added or removed from my roof rack. I currently have horizontal loops that optimize my signal while operating in single-sideband mode. Eventually, I will have a rotator and beam antennas for occasional contesting. I also have plans to build a section that has dual “eggbeater” antennas for working satellites and the International Space Station (ISS). Read more about my Rover setup on this page.

12V Power Distribution – I could have just run a large wire from the battery to the trunk and kept things “simple.” But I wanted a lot of control and flexibility in how power is distributed around the car. Some systems are powered only when the engine is running, some stay energized for 20 minutes after the engine is stopped, and others can run for days, thanks to a 100-Ah lithium secondary battery. See this page for more info.

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