Welcome to my website. is a landing page that resides on my main website at Please feel free to explore my content. I earned my Technician Class Amateur Radio license in March 1995. I upgraded to a General Class license in March 2007. For years, I operated on HF, VHF, and UHF from my car and on VHF from my bicycle. I do not have a station in my home; I’m all-mobile all the time. Despite the small size of my VHF/UHF radios, they have a very respectable range with the use of repeaters and even the Internet. Repeaters receive signals from distant or weak stations, amplify them, and then retransmit their signal for greater range.

Relatively new technologies, such as D-STAR, enable amateur radio operator’s voices to be carried to distant locations via the Internet. I’ve made nearly effortless contact with stations in Europe. My HF “multi-multi” rig provides the ability to communicate worldwide through “sky waves” enabled by the atmosphere. My most distant contact to date was from SE Virginia to Serbia (nearly 5000 miles) on 100 watts SSB. My contact from the Delaware Bay to Hawaii was just as far. Click the links above to learn more about my stations. Click here to read about my current mobile ham setup.

Why the draw to ham radio with the proliferation of the Internet and cellular services? Well, the Internet and cellular are both services requiring arranged accounts with a fee. “Big deal,” right? They also require infrastructure such as commercial power and cable/phone services, all of which can be lost during a natural disaster or “a major mess-up downtown.” With ham radio, I own the equipment and the communications medium (our atmosphere) is free (currently, anyway). Hams are always the first to establish communications when disaster strikes. Examples include just about every hurricane and earthquake worldwide in the past 100 years, even recent events in “developed” cities. I believe most stations are capable of operating without external infrastructure… at least mine are since they’re mobile. Feel free to e-mail me via the link at the bottom of this page if you have a question beyond what I’ve covered here. LEARN MORE ABOUT HAM RADIO HERE.

Here are a few Amateur Radio links:

Ham Radio Outlet – Probably the nation’s largest Amateur Radio dealer.

Yaesu USA – One of the leading Amateur Radio makers (my radios are by Yaesu).

Icom America – Another leading manufacturer. Lots of great products.

ARRL – Amateur Radio’s voice in the political arena.

Bicycle Mobile Hams of America – Combine cycling with Amateur Radio.

QRZ – The Internet’s most popular Ham Radio database. Features callsign lookup, ham biographies, and links to individual sites.

W5YI is an outstanding source of information for those interested in Amateur Radio.

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