OBDEleven Scan Tool Holder

I have an OBDEleven scan tool. I learned the hard way that leaving the scan tool plugged in full-time isn’t a great idea. Mine has lived in the glovebox for the past 18 months. There’s nothing terribly wrong with that. However, GolfMk7.com user “southpawboston” created a slick solution that I knew I had to have. The Mk7 GTIs have the MIB2 brains in the glovebox. There are holders on either side, one for SD cards and another for ID cards. Keeping spare SD cards in the glovebox is very handy for a photographer who sometimes forgets the camera’s SD card. I do not find the ID card holders very useful. This is where the OBDEleven scan tool holder fits. Southpawboston essentially created a fake OBD port that clips into the existing opening in our cars.

See the photo album below for details. Fit and finish is good. The only flaw I’m inclined to point out is that the piece doesn’t lock into place. The fit is snug enough that it’s not a big problem unless you shove the OBDEleven scan tool into the holder very firmly. When that happens, then the holder comes out with the tool. But that flaw actually turns out to be a benefit because it means that the holder won’t get permanently stuck in the opening. Is it a curse or a benefit? I’ll accept it as a benefit. I don’t shove my OBDEleven scan tool in very firmly; there’s really no need. I’ll put a drop of Household GOOP on it if I change my mind. Overall, I’m very pleased with the piece, even though I’ll probably forget it’s there most of the time!  😉

Check out THIS THREAD for details on how to get one of your own.



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