Sonax and Carbon Collective Oracle Ceramic Coatings

I had my GTI’s paint corrected and ceramic coated last April. I had a lot going on last year and didn’t take time to talk about it here, other than a short paragraph in an unrelated post. Nevertheless, I’ve been thrilled with the new shine and have been quietly enjoying its benefits. It was an expensive job, but well worth it. The seemingly random photos that I’ve shared over the past eight months show an excellent shine, even in the photos where the car is quite filthy. Have I mentioned how much I love Reflex Silver? It looks great almost all of the time, even when it’s dirty.  🙂

The detailer did a full paint correction using Sonax CutMax. Having seen what a good detailer can do to paint, I completely expected him to remove any swirl marks and other paint imperfections. However, he surprised me by removing a long scratch from the hatch, as well as significantly subsiding the appearance of a small area of self-inflicted paint damage, even after another paint repair “expert” had failed to do the same. He topped the corrected paint with Sonax Profiline ceramic coating and then went over it with Carbon Collective Oracle coating, for a total of three coats. The coatings should last three years.

It looks fantastic, especially after a rain. I nearly had a heart attack the first time I saw a blast of bird poo splattered across my freshly corrected paint, especially since it had baked in the summer sun before I spotted it. But it turned out to be a non-issue. Bird droppings just glide off with rain or a quick hosing.  🙂  Even better, morning dew or overnight rain just glides off the car as I drive to work. The overnight rain shown this photo was completely gone by the end of my commute; the car was dry and looking great by the time I parked the car.

Of course, I could have purchased the supplies and had a go at it myself. But there’s something to be said for letting someone with extensive and routine experience tackle the job. And I’m glad I did! He has a regular job; so, detailing is a weekend gig for him. I dropped off the car on a Friday and it was ready on Sunday. I could tell the difference right away. The difference and the reaction from owners, he says, is the greatest reason why he stopped doing mechanic work and now does paint correction and ceramic coating almost exclusively. Seeing the immediate results of his work is very satisfying. I’ve shared more photos of his work below. CLICK HERE to see a related YouTube video.

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